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We at Martin Seed understand that farming is a performance driven business – the cost of doing business has never been higher. We take our seed selections seriously... and have our customers in mind every step of the way. Let us help make sense of the numerous options you have – we'll develop a plan that makes sense for you.

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Farming is in our blood and it is who we are. We get it - farming doesn’t come with many guarantees other than next year will be different – at some point in the season we will be too wet, or too dry... or both. So why take a chance with your seed purchases? Martin Seed has stringent quality assurances – if we won’t plant a seed lot on our farm... we won’t offer it for sale on yours.

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outside of the end rows

Not every acre is suited for row crop production agriculture. Pastureland and non-tillable acres are just as important to care for as your best field. Let us help you develop a plan that fits your individual land needs – whether its forages or ancient native species- we’ve got your seed.

Cover crops

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We are proud to offer you locally tested soybean products with the latest in weed management technology. Look for soybean seeds that fit your fields and increase your yield potential.



We locally test our wheat products to provide you with superior, high-yield products, so we can offer you a select array of seed that is specially suited for our region.

Grass Seed

Grass Seed

Beautiful lawns, resilient turfs, strong erosion control, establishing a new habitat or reclaiming a disturbed area... Martin Seed offers native seed and conservation seed mixes for your Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) needs.

Cover Crops

Cover Crops

Cover crops have shown to reduce erosion, break soil compaction, decrease fertilizer needs, reduce weed growth, increase soil organic content, improve beneficial soil microbial activity, improve soil drainage, increase water-holding capacity, reduce disease pressure and more.



Pastures and hayfields represent a farmer's cheapest source of livestock and horse feed. Properly managed fields can yield massive quantities of quality forage.

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